COVID-19 Community Update – April 10, 2020

Dear Cedar Lane Community Members,

As of today’s date, there are no known cases of COVID-19 at Cedar Lane Senior Living Community. However, this virus has had a devastating impact on the State of Maryland, and it appears that we are in this for the long haul. Here are the latest updates:


First, thank you for paying your rent on time and for not paying in cash. We truly appreciate your cooperation.


All staff members and caregivers are now required to wear a mask while at Cedar Lane, per a directive from Dr. Brewster of the St. Mary’s County Health Department.


Residents are also strongly encouraged to wear a mask when in public spaces. Fortunately, several volunteers at Cedar Lane and in the greater community have donated masks within the last few days. Free masks will be distributed to residents with the DOA&HS meals on Monday April 13, 2020. For those who do not participate in the DOA&HS meal program, free masks will be available by contacting Wanda Fenwick at 301-475-8966, ext. 24.


While there are no KNOWN cases of COVID-19 at Cedar Lane, health experts now warn that people without symptoms can spread the virus. You cannot assume that everyone is healthy.It is critically important that we follow public health guidance to stay at home. When you absolutely must go out, remain physically apart from everyone else – a minimum distance of six feet.

We have received concerned reports of neighbors gathering to share meals, sitting together on benches, and groups conversing by the main entrance, making it impossible for essential visitors to enter and maintain the necessary distance.

It is human nature to seek out company. No one relishes the prospect of being alone. However, in this new reality, I am asking you to put the greater good of our entire community first and limit your socializing to phone calls, emails, video chats, letters or notes. Staff will patrol the campus as much as possible, however I am expecting each of you to be responsible citizens and follow Governor Hogan’s orders. Kindly offer a friendly reminder to those who fail to adhere to social distancing.


This is not an easy time. If you are feeling overwhelmed with emotions like sadness, depression or anxiety, there is a way to get connected and get help — call 2-1-1 from your phone. If you would rather chat by text, you can send your zip code to 898-211 or visit These resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in more than 180 languages.


Kirk Turner is available by phone if you have any questions or need assistance with connecting to a resource in the community. He is also ready to assist residents with online responses to the 2020 Census. It takes just a few minutes and is very important to complete. Kirk can be reached at 301-475-8966 ext. 14


Our postal carrier John is happy to pick up postage stamps for Cedar Lane residents.  Just leave money in an envelope at the Front Desk with John’s name, your name, your apartment number, the words “postage stamps” with the number of stamps requested.  John will purchase the stamps at the post office for you and return your stamps with the next day’s mail.  US postage stamps are 55 cents each.

I know this has not been easy. This situation is testing everyone’s patience and spirit. What we all want most is for this to be over and life to go back to normal. It is simply not possible to know how this pandemic will end because this virus is completely new to humans. There is no playbook. With each new development, we are making choices based on the knowledge we have. Thank you for putting your trust in us to make the best decisions we can for everyone at Cedar Lane.

I would love to hear from you. If you have questions, comments, concerns or ideas to make life at Cedar Lane a little easier during this challenging time, please call Wanda Fenwick at 1-301-475-8966, extension 24. Stay in and stay healthy.


Beverly A. Stickles

President & CEO

Maryland Coronavirus (COVID-19) Rumor Control

As the Coronavirus crisis continues, there are many rumors and lots of misinformation out there. It’s hard to know what’s fact and what is not. Maryland’s brand new Coronavirus Rumor Control Web page resource will help you sort through it all. Please review this page and familiarize yourself with rumors you have read or heard while on social media or in casual conversation. Then, if you see or hear someone sharing misinformation, can you please direct them to this site to get the straight scoop? There is even a button where you can submit a rumor you have heard.

April 3, 2020 COVID-19 Update

Dear Cedar Lane Community Members,

Many of us are experiencing moments of anxiety and concern given the unfamiliar times we are living in. As the number of COVID-19 cases in the US continue to rise, we are adapting our strategies and procedures to give our community as much protection as possible. I understand that what you’re being asked to do is incredibly difficult and a real hardship. This health emergency has left us with no choice. We must all be resilient. Here are this week’s news items:


As of today’s date, there are no known cases of COVID-19 at Cedar Lane. We are relying on you to ensure we have the best chance at keeping it this way.


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has issued a “Stay at Home” order. The order, which went into effect March 30 at 8 p.m., restricts all Marylanders from leaving their homes except to go to essential jobs, visit grocery stores and pharmacies, to seek medical attention, or to exercise outdoors while maintaining appropriate social distancing. In the interest of our community members, we will aggressively enforce Governor Hogan’s executive orders. Residents who ignore the Governor’s directives will be considered in violation of their lease, due to jeopardizing the health, safety and welfare of fellow residents and Cedar Lane staff.


Members of the public, including family members and volunteers, may not enter Cedar Lane at this time. The State is prohibiting visitors in order to protect Cedar Lane residents, as this could be a matter of life or death for the most vulnerable members of our community. There are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in several retirement communities and nursing homes in Maryland. Our goal is to avoid an outbreak.


The State is requiring that everyone enter through the main entrance only. This includes all residents, essential employees and legitimate caregivers. All other doors are locked for entry. No one is allowed to enter through another door. Do not open a door for someone else. If you see a resident, caregiver or staff member opening a side or back door for someone, report the incident immediately to the Front Desk.


Only legitimate caregivers who meet State screening criteria will be permitted beyond the main entrance and the use of a facemask is highly recommended.    Once permitted to enter, they are to go directly to your apartment upon arrival and leave the building immediately after services have been provided.  Caregivers are not permitted in any other areas of campus. Residents are responsible for the actions of their caregivers.


Current staffing has necessitated a revision in staff hours and the possible canceling of personal housekeeping and laundry services.  If you have these services scheduled and we need to cancel, a staff member will call you in advance of your appointment.  We know this will be troubling for some of you and we are truly sorry to have to deliver this news.


Despite any rumors you may have heard, McKay’s will continue to deliver grocery orders to residents of Cedar Lane. Deliveries will come on Tuesdays for the Church Building, Wednesdays for the Colton-Weinberg Building, and Fridays for the Burch Building. To minimize potential exposure, McKay’s will drop orders off at the main entrance and Cedar Lane staff will deliver the groceries to residents’ apartments. Credit cards or checks are the preferred methods of payment. 


Cedar Lane residents who participate in the DOA&HS meal program will continue to receive meal kits on a weekly basis. Our next delivery is scheduled for Monday April 6, 2020. The kit will include ingredients for five lunch meals. Please note, this meal kit is not intended to serve as your sole food source. At this time, the DOA&HS can provide a maximum of 70 meals for Cedar Lane and we do have a waiting list.   If you no longer wish to participate in the lunch program, please call the Front Desk and remove your name.


April rent is due on April 6. Payment can be placed in the drop box located in the door of the Finance Office or in the lobby of the Church Building. Do not place cash in the drop boxes. The Finance Office will be closed until further notice.


I know isolating at home goes against every bone in your body.  I believe it is harder for Cedar Lane residents than people who live in other senior communities simply because of our vibrant activities program. Tonya’s exuberance radiates throughout our community and brightens all of our days.  We are healthier, smarter and happier because of the many activities we share together. Rest assured, as soon as we can, we will resume our activities schedule. Don’t forget to help yourself to the activities cart and tune in to the free movies on Channel 67. I want to give a big shout out to Tonya and Jen for the success of the “Stop in the Name of Life” video parody. Kudos to all of the residents and staff members featured in the video. Tonya will be adding it to the Cedar Lane movie channel early next week. If you have internet access, you can watch it on YouTube:


Would your family members like to receive our email updates? Call Wanda Fenwick at 301-475-8966 ext. 24, let her know your relative’s email address, and we will add them to our distribution list.


  • Stay at home and practice social distancing (this means keep at least 6 feet of distance between you and anyone you don’t already live with)
  • Washing your hands frequently with soap and water is best. If you are unable to wash your hands, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue away and wash your hands.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Clean and sanitize frequently touched objects in your apartment including your telephone, doorknobs, counter tops, toilet handles, cell phones, wheelchairs, canes and the handles of your walker or rollator.

Please be mindful that we are in a health emergency that may dictate more changes in procedure at any time.  We will do our absolute best to keep everyone well informed. When I think of all the tumultuous times we have lived through, from wars and recession to hurricanes and droughts, I know the people of Cedar Lane have what it takes to persevere. If you have a question, comment or concern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me: 301-475-8966, ext. 24.


Beverly A. Stickles

President & CEO

Tips from the Federal Trade Commission

How to Spot, Avoid and Report CORONAVIRUS SCAMS


Scammers are taking advantage of fears surrounding the Coronavirus. The Federal Trade Commission ( offers these tips to help you fight back.

Treatments & Cures

Ignore online offers for vaccinations and home test kits. If you see ads touting prevention, treatment, or cure claims for the Coronavirus, stop. If there’s a medical breakthrough, you’re not going to hear about it for the first time from an ad or sales pitch. At this time, there also are no FDA-authorized home test kits for the Coronavirus.

Email and Text Scams

Don’t click on links from sources you don’t know. It could download a virus onto your computer or device. Make sure the antimalware and anti-virus software on your computer is up to date.


Hang up on illegal robocallers. Don’t press any numbers. The recording might say that pressing a number will let you speak to a live operator or remove you from their call list, but it might lead to more robocalls, instead.

Government Relief Checks

Expect scammers to take advantage of this. Here’s what you need to know: The government will not ask you to pay anything up front to get this money. The government will not call to ask for your Social Security number, bank account, or credit card number. Anyone who does is a scammer.

Fake Charities

Do your homework when it comes to donations. Use the organizations listed at to help you research charities. If someone wants donations in cash, by gift card, or by wiring money, don’t do it.

Misinformation & Rumors

Before you pass on any messages, do some fact checking by contacting trusted sources. Visit for links to federal, state and local government agencies.
Stay informed:

Visit: • • •

Report suspicious claims or questionable practices to the FTC at

Keep up with the latest scams. Sign up for the FTC’s Consumer Alerts at

COVID-19 Crisis: News and Updates from Cedar Lane

Dear Residents and Family Members,

These are times like no other. I want to assure you that we are closely monitoring the ever-changing dynamics of this health crisis and are reevaluating the needs and priorities of our community day by day.

Prolonged periods of self-isolation are not easy. I am deeply grateful to those of you who are following Governor Hogan’s directives to stay home, wash your hands frequently, and practice social distancing when you must go out — all of which greatly reduces your risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Unfortunately, I still see some residents gathering in the common spaces without maintaining the recommended distance of 6 to 10 feet. I implore you to do your part to fight the spread of COVID-19 by staying home and practicing social distancing.

Here are this week’s news items and updates:

  • As of today, there are no known cases of COVID-19 at Cedar Lane. Residents are doing well but miss the comradery.
  • We encourage you to establish a buddy system. Trade phone numbers and call each other frequently to check in, stay in touch and pass the time with conversation.
  • If you are in short supply of food, water or medications, please call the Front Desk to report your personal situation.
  • Remember to clean and sanitize all the frequently touched surfaces of your apartment including your counters, faucets, doorknobs and toilet handle. Do not forget your cell phone and walker handles.
  • This week’s response to the DOA&HS meal program was overwhelming. We are fortunate that our site is one of two County programs still in operation. There is a set number of meals allocated for Cedar Lane and we had 34% more requests than could be accommodated. We apologize for any frustration and disappointment you may have experienced.
  • A Weekend Meal Program is available for $63/month. It includes two boxed meals delivered each Friday, as well as holidays. Contact the Finance Department if you are interested in signing up for this program.
  • The Resident Food Panty is open in the Church Building Reflection Room; we request that you only take items that you can use.
  • Channel 2 is filled with useful information on special senior shopping hours, free prescription delivery and everything you need to know about COVID-19.
  • Channel 67, our in-house movie channel, now features original content including meditation hour and Cedar Lane photos capturing exciting events from the past in addition to movies. Tonya is planning surprise videos and features to share with you on the movie channel in the coming days, so be sure to tune in.
  • Would you like to receive a free daily check-in call? Register for Senior Call Check by calling 1-866-50-CHECK.
  • The STS bus system is now limiting trips to just 10 riders at a time. Revised rules are posted in the Church Building lobby.
  • The postal carrier is now picking up outgoing mail at the Front Desk. If you are unable to drop off your outgoing mail at the Front Desk, please contact the receptionist to make arrangements.
  • In accordance with guidance from the MD Department of Health and Governor Hogan, some Cedar Lane staff members are teleworking. This includes Emma Morris, Kirk Turner, Tonya Tyer, Jennifer Bruckler, Natasha Guy and Bonita Lyles-Barnes. We request your patience with decreased staffing onsite. Your phone calls to Kirk will be forwarded to him. Documents for Emma, including re-certification, are to be placed in a sealed envelope, with Emma’s name clearly marked, and given to the receptionist at the Front Desk.
  • April rent bills will be sent out shortly. Payment is due by Monday, April 6. Please note that the Finance Office will be closed. Residents are to pay their bills using the drop boxes located at the Finance Office or in the lobby of the Church Building. We cannot accept cash. Please do not place cash in the drop box. If you have a question about your bill, please call the main number and ask for the Finance Office. Staff will answer your call if available, or please leave a message and you will receive a call back.

If you have any questions regarding Cedar Lane policies, procedures and the latest response to COVID-19, please contact Wanda Fenwick, Executive Administrative Assistant at 301-475-8966 ext. 24.

As a community, we are better when we work together. With your patience and understanding, we will all come through this difficult challenge stronger than ever. Thank you for being an essential part of Cedar Lane.



Beverly Stickles

President & CEO



Looking for ways to beat boredom? Get moving – even just a little.

Inactivity can become a habit, especially when we’re all stuck at home. The mental health benefits of exercise are nearly endless. Exercise produces endorphins (the “feel good” hormone) which act as a stress reliever and leave you feeling happy and satisfied. In addition, exercise has been linked to improving sleep, which is especially important for older adults who often suffer from insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns.

Here are six safe and easy exercises for seniors from the helpful blog Nurse Next Door.

Cedar Lane COVID-19 State Health Emergency

In an attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the public, including family members and volunteers, are prohibited from entering Cedar Lane Cedar Living Community until further notice. Legitimate caregivers will be granted limited access upon a successful screening assessment.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this emergency.